About Tania Ferronato

I am a linguist and I love phonology, travels and food. My greatest passion is writing. I love the feeling that I have when finding myself in front of a blank sheet: it is the same feeling of waiting to take a plane or a train to start a journey. Excitement, curiosity and the desire to free my mind and my heart to new horizons. Writing is like traveling: leaving towards unexplored limits and unknown destinations and always returning different from the beginning.

An invitation to dinner at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski

This evening I wear a short silk dress that leaves my neck and shoulders uncovered. It’s ivory, embroidered with intense blue, just like Francesco’s eyes, and enveloping like the evening falling upon us. I tied back my hair, so my diamonds can stand out. I hold in my hands the invitation I received a few […]

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San Clemente Palace Kempinski: a superb food experience in Venice

What are the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday? Great company, good mood, and delicious food! If the first two depend only on you, the choice of the right location is essential for the last ingredient. The local delicacies are the fairy dust for a better stay at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski. The famous Venetian hotel […]

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Abano Terme, Arquà Petrarca and Praglia: itineraries in the Euganean Hills among art, nature and food

I open my eyes slowly, awakened by a warm breeze. “Jonathan has opened the window”, I think, while the last blurred images of my beautiful dream leave my mind. I take a deep breath and fill myself with the spring’s fragrance that has invaded the room: freshly cut grass, the first flowers’ blooming… nature is awakening […]

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San Clemente Palace Kempinski: family vacations in Venice

The hot season is coming, the days begin to lengthen and the air becomes milder. Nature awakens and we all have the desire to stay outdoors, to practice sports, to lie down in a meadow while smiling at the sun. In Venice it’s the period of the Carnival, which together with the Easter holidays, precedes […]

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March at the spa: it’s party time at the AbanoRitz

I stand motionless in front of this huge mirror, I look at myself and smile. I search some flaws in my makeup or dress but everything is perfect. I gently place the golden mask on my face and move the hair away to tie it. I take a step back and admire myself once again. […]

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AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel: wellness all year long

In the heart of Abano Terme, the Italian capital of spas the AbanoRitz Termae & Wellness Hotel is the ideal place to enjoy a refreshing break and to recharge yourselves. This historic structure lays at the feet of Euganean Hills. You just have to enter its elegant hall to get carried away with wellbeing: a parallel reality, where […]

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