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"Jazz music is their common passion.The night they first met they were listening to the lopsided notes of a street saxophonist near Notre-Dame"

#LoveMeInVeneto #KempinskiVenice @KempinskiVenice https://t.co/z1Br3Wq2KH

"I admire the lagoon covered by a veil of mist. A girl is walking alone through the garden. She is wrapped in a striped sweater bigger than her size. She is mysterious and enchanting. I decide to get to know her"

#LoveMeInVeneto #KempinskiVenice https://t.co/JCuf2SgMwy

"Chris is still asleep, a beam of light illuminating his full and grizzled beard. I mentally go through the previous day, from the arrival at the hotel by the water taxi to the amazing candlelight dinner in a typical Venetian restaurant"

#VeniceLovers -> https://t.co/vjbYwGdHlL

"The sun is high on the lagoon and radiates throughout St. Mark’s Square. Matteo slips off the silk scarf from his wife’s neck and blindfolds her eyes"

#LoveMeInItaly #MarryMeAtFlorian #VeniceLovers https://t.co/RNXoVIJXPl

"And finally here we are in the city of love: Venice. History, tradition and charm of this city, unique in the world, where the water and the earth complement each other and give life to something extraordinary. Just like two lovers"

#LoveMeInItaly https://t.co/bFyATWxs2r

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